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Why Parents & Kids Talking

The author of this web site, Mary Lee O'Connell, a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP), has specialized in family-centered sexuality education for more than twelve years. In presenting hundreds of parent-focused sexuality education programs, Mary Lee emphasizes primary prevention, helping people make the right decisions to stay healthy.

Mary Lee teaches parents to communicate both the facts of life and their own personal values and beliefs about sexuality. First priority should be creating a dialogue between parent and child and then working to maintain that dialogue through the teen years.

This web site is dedicated to offering practical advice to parents on talking with their children about sex. Mary Lee's advice is drawn from years of experience teaching parents, including real world examples of the types of questions children have about their bodies and sex.

When it comes to sexuality education, it helps to remember that no peer loves your child as much as you do; and no teacher can know your child as well as you do. This is why research concludes that kids want to talk with their parents and parents can make the difference. The best primary prevention is parents who talk with their children about sexuality. Don't let your child's peers, the media, and the internet become your child's sexuality educator.

This web site shares the values and beliefs that are a part of the programs Mary Lee presents at the Catholic churches and schools in the Archdiocese of Washington. At the same time, Mary Lee has been pleased to present non-sectarian, character education programs through the State of Maryland and Montgomery County, MD. It is hoped that parents from all faith communities will benefit from this web site. Other faith communities are welcome to contact the author for permission to adapt these materials to reflect their faith's values and beliefs.

Mary Lee's research into children's questions enabled her to develop handouts to assist parents: from preparing children for puberty to answering difficult questions about homosexuality and contraception. Please use this web site to learn how to educate and protect your children.