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Teens (Grades 7-8th) Survival Skills for Middle School Youth and Their Parents
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Students’ Sharing Questions

From the Peer Ministry Sudents at Pallotti High School, Laurel, MD

  1. Drugs
    Do you think there will be pressure to drink, smoke weed and cigarettes?
    How will you handle the pressure to stand up for what you believe in?

  2. Sex
    Have you made a decision on how far you will go sexually?
    How do you think being sexually active could affect your reputation?
    How will you respond to the response of peer pressure?

  3. Media
    What are the values communicated by the media messages?
    How do these messages make us feel?
    Magazines, MTV, BET, OC, Friends, Real World, Commercials, etc.
    How do these messages compare to our Catholic-Christian value system?

  4. Transition into High School
    What kinds of friends do you want?
    How will you make friends?
    How will you handle a heavier academic load?

  5. My Changing Relationships with GOD and Parents
    What do you think is your relationship with God?
    How do you think your relationship with your parents will change while you are in high school?
    What can you do to keep a healthy relationship with your parents?
    What can you do to keep a closer relationship with God?

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04