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Bullet Questions from Family Workshop

12 Myths about SEX
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Teens often believe misinformation they hear from their peers. Here is a list of “12 Myths” that students continue to ask about. Many even argue that these falsehoods are true. Parents must address these issues. Use the parent handouts and activities to refute these myths.

  1. Everyone is doing “It.”

  2. Sex just happens.

  3. If you love each other, it’s OK to have sex.

  4. Oral sex isn’t “sex.”

  5. Sexual urges control you

  6. You can go “crazy” if you don’t have sex.

  7. You have to have sex, so it’s OK to pressure others.

  8. If a girl “turns a guy on,” she has to relieve him.

  9. If you say “no” to heterosexual sex, you must be a “queer.”

  10. Guys/girls who don’t have sex, think they are “superior.” (makes peers feel judged)

  11. Once you do “It,” you can’t STOP.

  12. If your parents find out, they will kill you.

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04 ©