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“But I’m Almost 13!” An Action Plan for Raising a Responsible Adolescent

by Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D. with Martha Jablow.
See - Parents’ Answers, Raising Responsible Teens and Peer Pressure Survival Skills to learn more about the book.
Gives parents step by step instructions on how to develop an interactive communication style with their children. Parents learn how to use role-playing, decision trees and choreographed discussions to explore consequences and alternatives with their children. (2001) McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-8092-9717-5, paperback

Project Reality – This group’s material can give parents great ideas to use at home.
See - Parents’ Answers, Abstinence – great ideas from Project Reality

  • I can do that (grades 4-7) introduces ten virtues through short stories and verse. These are followed by discussion questions and activities to help children apply these virtues to their own lives.

  • Game Plan (grades 7- 8) uses a sports theme approach to understanding the benefits of abstinence before marriage.
    El Plan de Juego – Game Plan Spanish Edition (grades 7-9)

  • Navigator, a high school text designed to help teens develop their goals and dreams and to resist negative peer pressure to engage in sexual activity or use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.