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Bullet Activities for Younger Students

Parents’ Memories to Share
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Read over the questions and write down some brief notes. You will have the opportunity to share your memories. If you do not want to share on any of the questions, not sharing is also an option.

  1. Do you remember when you realized that boys and girls were different? Did your parents expect different things from your brothers/sisters?

  2. Were you the first or last in your group of friends to mature? How old were you? What happened? What were your thoughts and feelings then and now?

  3. How did your family handle physical expressions of affection, questions about sex, or nudity? How helpful were your parents in talking with you about sex?

  4. What style of discipline did your parents use? strict, judgmental, loving, easy, consistent?

  5. If you were raised in a home with two parents, did they share the discipline, did they support each other, was one easier/stricter than the other? How did you respond to the discipline?

  6. What did you like about your teen relationship with your parents? How did they help you? Did they teach you, listen to you, accept your feelings, praise you, trust you…?

  7. What did you dislike about your teen relationship with your parents? Why did you dislike these things? Were they too strict, busy, aloof, judgmental, critical…?

  8. Was religion an important part of your family life? What were your thoughts and feelings then and now?

  9. Are you raising your child/children the way you were raised? Are you raising daughters/sons the same way or differently? Why?

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