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What is puberty?

A) The capital of the state of Montana
B) Sharon Puberty – a center for Illinois State
C) When a girl’s body prepares for thepossibility of motherhood
D) Something all girls experience at the
same time

Some girls think (D) that everyone changes at the same time. Ask them to talk with family to know their pattern – if both parents were first or last to grow they will usually grow within 1 yr. of parents growth pattern.
When a boy/girl begins to grow twice as
fast (growth spurt), what grows first?

A) ears
B) hands
C) belly button
D) feet


If a girl’s breasts ache or feel tender, is something wrong?

A) yes
B) no


Hormones cause the breasts to grow. Any part that is growing is more sensitive.
Mention “progesterone” as causing
changes before a girl gets her period --breasts more tender and emotionally
more sensitive. Not something all girls may notice (PMS).

Is something wrong during puberty if a girl notices one breast is larger than the other?

A) yes
B) no

We grow in “growth spurts.” One side can grow faster than the other. We usually even up but we are never exactly the same on both sides. Many have feet that are not the same size.

Who determines if a baby will be boy or girl?

A) mom
B) dad

Tell about King Henry VIII. Got rid of his wives when they had girl babies. Girls have XX chromosome – Egg is X Boys have XY chromosome -- Sperm
can be X (make girl) or Y (make boy)
What do ovaries do?

A) make the chemical messengers that cause a girl’s body to change
B) hold the immature eggs that may some day help make a baby
C) both answers
D) neither answer

What usually happens first?

A) hair down THERE
B) breast changes
C) hair under the arms

Where does hair grow first?

A) Under the arms


If a girl notices white or yellow stuff on her underpants, she should…

A) Worry
B) do nothing and hope it will go away
C) see her doctor/nurse practitioner right away
D) know this is normal

This is a normal lubrication that protects girls from getting dry or itchy. It can be whitish-yellow or like clear raw egg white. It has no odor and NEVER makes you sore or itch.
How can a girl know when she will have
her first period?

A) within a year of when her mom had her first
B) about six months after she notices white or
yellow stuff on her underpants
C) both answers
D) There is no way of knowing.


Girls can’t do anything to prepare for their first period?

A) true
B) false


It helps to plan what you would do if you got your period in school. Even if you already started your period, it can be irregular for the first 2-3 years. This can surprise you so you should know who keeps the pad supply in your school. Some girls try on different pads BEFORE they get their first period. Some may be too big.

What determines the amount of body hair that a girl will have?

A) family
B) diet
C) exercise
D) sexiness

People from China, Korea or Japan have very little body hair. African Americans may have more body hair. Can inherit the amount from your family.

If it hurts or burn when a girl urinates, she should….?

A) drink more water
B) wait for it to go away
C) worry cause it may be something REALLY bad
D) call your doctor/nurse practitioner right away

This can be a urinary infection. Many times the germs come from the bowel movement. It is normal to be in BM but not in the urine. Reason to wipe from front to back when going to the bathroom.

During your period you should NOT exercise?

A) true
B) false


The uterus is a muscle bag.
What do you do with a leg cramp?
Exercise and warmth lessen any muscle cramps.

How many years can it take for a girls breasts to fully develop?

A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5


Some girls develop quickly – seems like overnight. It is normal to take up to five years to develop.

You can order pills or cream to make your breasts bigger?

A) true
B) false


If a girls breasts are growing more slowly, she may try something to make them bigger. When they continue to grow, she thinks the pills or cream worked.

Your breasts will stop growing if you put pressure on them or sleep on them at night.

A) true
B) false

Breasts contain “breast” tissue and fatty tissue. If a girl gains or looses weight her breasts may change size.

How many glasses of milk (8 ounces) does a girl need to drink each day to protect her bones from sports injuries?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3 – 5th & 6th grade
D) 4 – 7th & 8th grade

Sports injuries in high school --broken wrist or stress fracture in leg bone. Xray shows “grandma bones” -- like
those with osteoporosis. Must build bones NOW -- Complete by 20 yrs.
Not enough milk -- ? cheese, ? yogurt. Some add to orange juice or cereal.
Talk with mom/guardian. ? supplements – ask MD – TUMS usually recommended.



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