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Bullet Activities for Older Students

Is your relationship on the right track?
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  1. Can you freely share your feelings and not worry that they will be judged?
    Can you share your interests and ideas?
    Do you have to be careful with what you say?

  2. Are you in this together?
    Is your relationship based on shared interests and ideas?
    Do you support each other and try to understand each other’s point of view?
    Can you compromise to solve conflicts? Can you accept things he/she can’t change?

  3. Can you depend on each other for support, understanding and help in all situations.
    Does he/she care more about you than their own wishes?

  4. Do you make each other feel lovable?
    Are you loved for who you really are or what he/she wants you to be.

  5. Do you share all experiences from the joyous to the saddest?

  6. Do you also grow together through difficult times and separations.

  7. Do you support each other’s interests, friends, hobbies and careers?
    Do you have freedom to grow? Can you keep your old friends?
    Does he/she want you all to themselves? Is he/she jealous?

  8. Are you available for each other in times of great crises?
    Is he/she patient and considerate?

  9. Do you trust each other?
    Do you accept each other as you are?
    Do you respond to each other’s needs?
    Do you avoid purposely hurting each other?
    Do you have the best interests of the other and the relationship at heart?

  10. Are you both committed to helping your relationship continue indefinitely?

  11. Can you say “I love you” without having sex?

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