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Bullet Activities for Younger Students

The Lines & Comebacks Stories
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• Put the teens in small teams (3-4 members).
• Have each team give themselves a name.
• Put the team names on a board to keep score.
• Have each group try to come up with the best comeback.
• Have everyone vote to determine the best comeback.
• Be creative, have fun, be prepared.


The situations:

  1. “Truth and Dare” is fun why not play it? -

  2. It's a Rave. Everybody's going. Ecstasy is an experience.
    Your parents will just think you are at a dance -

  3. Cigarettes help you stay thin and -

  4. These math problems are hard. We all looked at each other's answers.
    Why won't you show us your paper -

  5. Sure I had a few beers. I am a really good driver. I've never had an accident -

  6. My parents are not home. Come spend the night -

  7. X is really worried about getting into high school. X is giving away all his stuff.
    I am worried about him. This is -

  8. I just want to hold you and -

  9. Marijuana is nothing like an ordinary cigarette -

  10. Nobody believes in abstinence and -

Situations from – Sr. Susanne Bunn MHSH at St Matthias-Lanham, MD


Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04 ©