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Bullet Activities for Younger Students

The Lines & Comebacks! .pdf >>

These lines can be used to pressure you to drink, use drugs or have sex.
You have the power within you. You have the control. You can say
“Yes” or “No.” Don’t let somebody take it away from you. Don’t be
caught up in the moment. Be prepared. Think about it in advance.


  1. “What’s wrong with you?”

  2. “Are you afraid...”

  3. “Everybody’s doing it....”

  4. “So you think that you are better than anyone else.”

  5. “Nothing will happen. Trust me.”

  6. “This will make our relationship complete.”

  7. “Just between me and you.”

  8. “I won’t wait around for you if you don’t.”

  9. “Everyone must try it at least once.”

  10. “You don’t know what you are missing.”

  11. “Is something wrong with me. Why don’t you want to?”

  12. “If you love me....”





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