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Bullet Activities for Older Students

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Stages of Intimacy

 Glance  >>  attraction  >>  electricity

           Games        >>        flirting




 Brush  >>  electricity

       First Touch

              Hold Hands




       Longer Kiss

              Tongue Kiss

                       1-1 Date

                               Petting Above


 Petting Below >>

       ? Oral Sex ?

              Vaginal Intercourse

Thoughts to Share

  1. Don’t get the same electricity from early contact as you go along the continuum.

  2. Going Faster – miss out on all the rest of the electricity.

  3. Never enjoy the thrill of the first hand brush.

  4. The rest is all gone if you skip steps.

  5. Have you out-run the feelings of the first glance?

  6. Are you ready for the next step?

  7. Can you go back? NO – This is much harder.

  8. New guy/girl – harder to move up the continuum with a new relationship.

  9. Can choose to go back – BUT it is harder to go back.

At which stage would

  • Feelings be hurt?
  • Risk for STDs? – deep tongue kissing, any “skin on skin” contact
  • Pregnant?

Which stages really reflect a loving relationship?

Which step would mean a personal commitment to a relationship?

Where would you put on the brakes?
Remember momentum – If the brakes are not applied soon enough, it may not be possible to stop?

Adapted from Christine Cralley Fogle’s“Teens & Sex 101”rev 7/04

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04 ©