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Consider purchasing these books and donating them to your church or school library.
Parent associations can make bulk purchases at a discounted price and then sell the books as a fund-raising activity. .pdf >>

Bullet Sexuality Education Books & Resources for Parents

"Homework for Parents" - This is a list of books that share God's plan for the gift of sexuality. These books can help parents share their beliefs and values with thier children. More >> .pdf >>


Bullet Great Things to Read with Kids

These books and magazines can help parents share their beliefs and values while answering children's puberty and sexuality education questions. More >> .pdf >>


Bullet Helpful Web Sites for Parents

Use these web sites to learn more about your faith, get answers to medical questions and learn what others are doing to monitor television. More>> .pdf >>


Bullet Families & Family Life


"Learn how the Archdiocese of Washington's Office for Family Life offers pastors and parishes support in most areas of need related to families and family life . More >> .pdf >>


Bullet Selected Books & Resources on Homosexuality
           From the Office for Religious Education, Archdiocese of Washington

This helpful list from the Office for Religious Education, Archdiocese of Washington, contains documents, books, resources and web sites about homosexuality. More >> .pdf >>


Bullet The Eucharist: C.O.O.L. (Center of Our Lives), Father Gregory W. Shaffer .pdf >>

Bullet Fr. Greg Shaffer's Blog Site -- St. Andrew Q & A"
  The blog is located at This is an opportunity to get answers to your questions and learn more about your faith.