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Secular BooksFaith-Based BooksMagazines for Kids

Secular Books

Cole, Joanna. How You Were Born - Uses culturally diverse, vivid photographs to answer how an egg cell grows to become a baby, how a baby lives inside its mother's uterus and how a baby is born. Discusses how the sperm and egg unite but does NOT discuss intercourse. Mullberry Paperback Book, ISBN 0-688-12061-X

Davis, Jennifer, Before You Were Born - (A Lift-the-Flap Book) - Tells the parallel story of mother and baby, from hearing the thumpity-thump of baby's heartbeat to that unforgettable first meeting. Workman Publishing Company, ISBN 0-7611-1200-6

Loulan, Jo Ann & Worthen, Bonnie, Period. A Girl's Guide - for ages 8 and up. Every physical and psychological thing a young girl needs to know. Non- sectarian. Not sex education. No mention of birth control. What is a Pelvic Exam? is included. Great Parent's Guide at (ISBN 0-916773-96-5) 1-800-255-3379.

Nerbun, Ann, & Taylor, Dr. Ruth, The Wonder of Me - Fertility Appreciation for Adolescents and Parents. - Filled with drawings and diagrams at a 5th grade reading level. Helps kids understand, appreciate and respect their fertility and be less embarrassed and more open to discuss sexuality with their parents. Family Honor, Inc., 1-877-208-1353 or
Also available in Spanish, La Maravilla De Mi.

Project Reality - Developed for class use and filled with great ideas parents can use at home. 1-847-729-3298 or

  • I can do that (grades 4-7) introduces ten virtues through short stories and verse. These are followed by discussion questions and activities to help children apply these virtues to their own lives.
  • Game Plan (grades 7- 8) uses a sports theme approach to understanding the benefits of abstinence before marriage.
    El Plan de Juego - Game Plan Spanish Edition (grades 7-9)
  • Navigator, a high school text designed to help teens develop their goals and dreams and to resist negative peer pressure to engage in sexual activity or use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Schaefer, Valorie Lee, The Care & Keeping of YOU - The Body Book for Girls. - Best loved book of young girls age 8 and up. Culturally diverse, answers EVERY question from pimples to periods. Puberty education, not sex education. Non- sectarian. No mention of birth control. American Girl Library ISBN 1-56247-666-1 (1-800-845-0005)

Faith-Based Books

Concordia Publishing House, the publishing arm of the Lutheran Church.
Learning About Sex Series - a Series for the Christian Family. Age appropriate language with delightful pictures. Presented in a biblically-sound manner. Available at - choose sex education from the menu

  • Why Boys and Girls Are Different (Age 4-6) by Carol Greene
  • Where Do Babies Come From (Age 6-8) by Ruth Hummel (video available)
  • How You Are Changing (Age 8-11) by Graver, Jane (video available)
  • Sex and the New You (Age 11-14) by Rich Bimler
  • Love, Sex, and God (Ages 14 & up) by Bill Ameiss & Jane Graver

Gallagher, Ann; Heinzen, Alice; Hogan, Rev. Richard; Taylor, Dr. Ruth. Fertility Appreciation: A Family Workshop - provides a script and slide series that can be adapted for separate girl and boy programs for 5th & 6th and 7th & 8th grade students with their parents. It can also be used at home independent of any program. (only $18.45) It has received a Nihil Obstat and an Imprimatur from the Catholic Church. Project Genesis Series from the Leaflet Missal Company, (#04398) at 1-800-328-9582

Gallagher, Ann; Heinzen, Alice; Hogan, Rev. Richard; Taylor, Dr. Ruth. How to Save Sex for Marriage: A Family Workshop - is a four part program for parents and teens. Many activities can be used at home. It has received a Nihil Obstat and an Imprimatur from the Catholic Church. Project Genesis Series from the Leaflet Missal Company, ( #04399) at 1-800-328-9582 - ISBN 1-885845-24-3

God's Design for Sex Series - Encourages healthy communication between parents and children as it helps parents answer in age-appropriate terms the difficult or embarrassing questions about sex (Christian) NAVPRESS at

  • The Story of Me (Ages 3-5) by Stan & Brenna Jones, ISBN: 0891098437
  • Before I Was Born (Ages 5-8) by Carolyn Nystrom, IBSN 08910-98445
  • What's the Big Deal? Why God Cares About Sex. (Ages 8-11): A gift to be shared God's way by Stan & Brenna Jones, ISBN: 0891098453
  • Facing the facts: The Truth About Sex and You (Ages 11-14) - All the interesting stuff you never knew about sex. Stan & Brenna Jones, ISBN: 0891098461

Gresh, Dannah, Secret Keeper - The Delicate Power of Modesty. (Christian) A mini-book that unlocks the mystery of modesty and explains it in a way teens can understand. ISBN: 0-80248, Moody Press, Also publishes books on modesty for parents and boys.

Hogan, Rev. Richard; Nerbun, Ann, R.N.; Taylor, Dr. Ruth. Our Power to Love - God's Gift of Our Sexuality. (Catholic) Celebrates creation, human growth, and sexuality as God's personal and loving gift. It reflects Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body and explains the reproductive system in scientifically correct language in a way children can understand. Filled with drawings at a 5th grade reading level. Family Honor, Inc., 1-877-208-1353,

Magazines for Kids

Focus on the Family's Magazines - (Christian) are available at

Clubhouse Jr. (Ages 4 to 8) - Contains creative stories, articles, puzzles and craft ideas to help parents reinforce biblical values as they guide children in exploring their world.

Clubhouse (Ages 8 to 11) - Reinforces traditional values and promotes family closeness with hands-on activities, puzzles and exciting stories. Samples from the magazine can be viewed on line. Brio (Teen girls 13 to 15) - Combines faith, fashion and fun with articles and stories that encourage teen girls to make godly choices. Samples from the magazine can be viewed on line.

Brio & Beyond (Teen girls 16 to 19) - Contains articles to strengthen teens' faith as well as readings about everything from fashion and food to fitness. Tackles tough topics like peer pressure, self esteem, dating and making wise choices about money and time. Samples from the magazine can be viewed on line.

Breakaway (Teen guys) - Gives guys something to turn to when peer pressure and growing up pains collide with doing the right thing. Great graphics, fun columns and inspiring articles. Samples from the magazine can be viewed on line.


Mary Lee O'Connell, CRNP