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Preparing Your Child for Puberty

The purpose of this workshop is to help parents share the wisdom behind Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body as they prepare their children for the physical and psychological changes of puberty.

This workshop enables parents to learn more about the gifts of human sexuality and fertility as well as God's plan and purpose for these gifts. Parents will be better able to prepare their children for the often confusing physical and psychological changes of puberty. They will be able to give their children the knowledge and tools that are needed to protect their spiritual and sexual health.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of the workshop parents will be able to :

1. Discuss the different meanings of the word sex: gender, sexuality and intercourse.

2. Discuss the five parts of sexuality - spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional. (Notice how the first letters of those aspects spell SPICE.)

3. Identify sexuality as the gift of God (Genesis 2).

4. Discuss what Pope John Paul II 's Theology of the Body teaches about God's gift of sexuality.

5. Discuss values and beliefs with their children.

6. Discuss how children can learn to love others as Jesus loves us.

7. Distinguish the differences between Puberty Education and Sex Education

8. Define heterosexual orientation and homosexual orientation.

9. Discuss God's design for the physical and psychological changes of puberty.

10. Describe the dynamic process of male and female fertility.

11. Describe why modesty and chastity are winning choices.

12. Discuss why masturbation conflicts with God's plan for sexuality.

13. Discuss how music, television and movies can conflict with God's plan for sexuality.

14. Discuss children's age-appropriate questions and suggested answers.

15. Discuss answers to parents' questions.

16. Discuss recommended resource and book list.

This interactive workshop will use overheads, discussions, engaging questions and answers, helpful handouts and resource and book lists.

Mary Lee O'Connell, CRNP - 8/04