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Everything You Need to Develop Parent Programs

Want to have a program but don't know how to get started, what to call it or what to include? These suggestions should help.

Bullet Developing Parent Programs: Challenges & Solutions

Step by step suggestions on how to develop your program. More >> .pdf >>

Bullet Creative Titles for Effective Programs
  Dozens of workshop titles for adult, teacher, parent, parent-child, mother-daughter or father-son programs. More >> .pdf >>

Bullet Encouraging Parents to Get Involved
  Twelve suggestions to encourage parents to attend your program. More >> .pdf >>

Bullet Outlines for Parent Workshops
  Everything you need to develop four unique parent workshops. Comes complete with title, purpose, description and learning objectives. More >>

Bullet Outlines for Family Workshops
  Puberty education workshop and sexuality education workshop for mothers and daughters and fathers and sons. Plus a parent-teen workshop for middle school students. Comes completes with title, purpose, description and learning objectives. More >>

Bullet Samples to Get You Started
   Everything you need: announcements, parent letters, flyers and an evaluation form. More >>