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Bullet Tackling Tough Topics

“Isn’t light porn OK?”
“What does the Church have against porn?”
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Pornography portrays the human body and human sexuality in a way that degrades the dignity of the person, most often the woman (The Archdiocese of Washington’s Catechesis on Human Sexuality).

Teaching Our Youth - Suggestions from Fr. Charley Piatt

  1. Pope John Paul II's approach toward a theology of the body is the best material we as a church can offer our youth. Present our message (the Church's teaching) about the sacredness of the body and of human relationships.

  2. Viewing pornography does not prove you a real man or woman (a mature lover). It shows that you do not appreciate the power and beauty of true relationships. Parents should try calling their children to something higher. Everyone should learn to appreciate the beauty of all people, not just picture perfect models.

  3. Continue with the argument that pornography is degrading. Depending on the age I might follow with what would you think if the model was your sister/brother.

  4. How about considering that pornography might limit your ability to sense beauty and be a soulful
    companion to members of the opposite sex. Viewing pornography shows an inability enter into real relationships.

  5. More than a few youth have expressed to me a thought that viewing pornography reflects immaturity. I think we can build on this.

  6. Note: more than a few young women view pictures of a pornographic nature of men.

  7. The Stages of Intimacy activity emphasizes that to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend, takes time to do things slowly in order and right. Instead of chastising youth for doing what society might be seen as calling them to do, the handout calls them to enter into deeper relationships. The handout shows the stages of intimacy pointing out that if a couple began sexual relations too soon and before marriage, they could miss many stages of building a solid relationship.

Every Young Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker, Strategies for victory in the real world of sexual temptation. WaterBrook Press, Random House, ISBN 1-57856-537-5, paperback $13.99., resources, book, title search
Degrading Women - Porn Among Friends is No Laughing Matter (2/14/00) at Mary Beth Bonacci’s website,
The Maryland Coalition Against Pornography (MCAP)

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04