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Alcohol Alert
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Any parent child talk about sex must include a discussion about alcohol.
  • When teens use alcohol, they take risks they wouldn’t normally take. They have poor judgment and less control over their actions.

  • Young people who begin drinking before age 15 have four times the risk of developing an alcohol addiction compared with those who begin drinking at age 21.

  • The more teens are involved in drinking, the more likely they are to have had intercourse. Of 14-15 year olds who report regular use of alcohol, 66% have had intercourse. Of those who report no use of alcohol, 26% have had intercourse.

  • Alcohol and Sexual Assault
    • More than half of all rapists know their victim.

    • One out of three rapes occur on a date.

    • Often the rapist, the victim or both have been drinking.

    • Alcohol can - lower self control and cause more aggressive actions.
      - make victims less alert to danger signals.
      - cause victims to be alone with someone in a risky situation and less able to defend themselves.

  • Women and Alcohol
    • Where men and women of the same size and weight drink the same, women have 30% more alcohol in their blood stream.

    • Women have more fat and less of the muscle fluids that can dilute alcohol.

    • Women have less alcohol dehydrogenase, the enzyme that processes alcohol.

    • Before and during menstruation women are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol.

    • Although women feel less sexually inhibited by drinking, sexual dysfunctions are often linked to alcohol abuse.

  • Risk Reduction

    • Don’t let anyone talk you into drinking.

    • Notice if friends, especially your driver, are or have been drinking.

    • Don’t get into close, private situations with someone who has been drinking.

    • Don’t let a friend who has been drinking go off alone with someone.

    • Always have an "escape plan" in case your driver has been drinking.

    • The less you drink, the more you will be aware of everyone else, your driver, your friend - and even someone you don’t know who could hurt you.

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04