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Great ideas from Project Reality’s Game Plan
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Parents want to teach children how to make good choices and decisions. They want children to say, “I choose abstinence because I figured out this will help me to….” Children can come to this decision if parents follow the teaching suggestions in Project Reality’s Game Plan. Try using the following steps with your child.

  1. Defining Goals – Students with goals make the best choices

    What are some of your goals for the future?
    Have your children write down some of the things they would like in their life fifteen years from now. Draw a cloud in the center of the paper and list the abstract and concrete goals. (good job, nice house, college degree, children, marriage, family, dog, happy, healthy, successful, friends, car, money).

    What would you like to do?
    Have them write three possible career goals (computer engineering, construction, government, teacher, doctor, trucking, business, entertainment)

  2. Getting There
    Look at the cloud with their dreams and the list of career goals. ASK:
    Will the dreams and goals be easy to accomplish?
    When should you begin planning to achieve your future goals? TODAY
    List on either side of the cloud the answers to --
    Describe some activities that could make it difficult to accomplish your goals.
    (drugs, sex, alcohol, peer pressure)
    Describe some activities that could make it easier for you. (make plans, study
    hard, good decisions, good friends)

  3. Draw Train Tracks – some decisions you make as a teen can alter your life and knock you off your tracks. Draw three arrows as you say, “It could be alcohol, it could be drugs, it could be sex.” A small car can derail a huge train.

  4. Think Ahead… If you choose to be sexually active, is it possible that some things may happen that you didn’t expect. Write down some of the possible negative consequences
    What can happen to my body

    Cervical Cancer

    How I feel about myself

    Feel Used
    Low Self-Esteem
    Broken Hart

    What I now think about


    How it affects my relationships with family and friends

    Bad Reputation
    Lose Friends
    Poor Grades
    Parental Conflict

    Look at the list of consequences.
    If you are sexually active, would all of these happen to you? Could some of them happen to you?
    Pick three consequences that could happen to you. How would they affect your future?
    In life we don’t get to pick the consequences.
  5. Students often say that condoms provide “protection” from pregnancy and STDs.
    Is it Really Safe?

    Do you think condoms provide complete protection from pregnancy and STDs?
    If a condom is used is it still possible to get someone pregnant?
    Is it still possible to contract an STD including HIV?

    Why condoms aren’t protection! The warning label on condom packages says,

    “If properly used, latex condoms will help reduce the risk of
    transmission of HIV infection (AIDS) and many other sexually
    transmitted diseases. Also highly effective against pregnancy.”

    Examine the “Warning Label” Is the word protection used? Is the word risk used?
    Emphasize the condom company does NOT claim to provide complete “protection” against either pregnancy or STDs. There is still risk with condoms. (Game Plan)

    Do condoms provide protection from any of the emotional, mental or social consequences they listed?

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Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04