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What Kids Want to Know
Students’ Unedited Questions and Comments about Relationships
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4th Grade Girls
Why do girls like boys and boys like girls?
What should I do if my relationship goes bad?
What do you do when boys love you but you don’t love them!
What do you do if someone likes you but you don’t like them? I don’t want to like anyone!
How do you know boys like you?
How do I get in love?
Why do I have to have a boyfriend?
Why do boys and girls fall in love?

5th Grade Girls
You shouldn’t have a serious relationship based on sex.

5th Grade Boys
What’s the proper way to treat one another?
What really is love?

6th Grade Girls
At what age should you have a boyfriend?
Should you go to college before you have a boyfriend or baby?
Why don't boys listen when girls say "no"?
How should girls respond to pushy guys?

7th Grade
At what age should you have sex? (#3 most asked question)
What is wrong with sex for the seventh grade?
What makes having sex at an early age bad?
Why should we wait until marriage to have sex?
What can we do when we are in a relationship?
What are some places to get help about sex and avoiding sex?
Why are guys so aggressive?
What would I do if a guy sexually harasses me?
Is it bad if a girl and a boy are girlfriend and boyfriend without it being serious?
Is it a sin having sex before marriage?
What are you to do when you have feelings about sex and you would like to try it?

7th Grade Girls
We should know more ways to just say no.
How do you know he is the one?
Do you think you should rush your first kiss?
How do you know if a boy really likes you or loves you?
What do you do if your mate is moving too fast and you want to slow down?
How does a girl deal with an aggressive date when he is her only ride home?
What are you to do when you like to touch boys and boys touch you?
Is a 15year old boy too old for a 13year old girl?
What if you have been going out with a boy for one month and you think you love him and he wants to have sex but you don’t, how can you say no, or have you been going out long enough?
If a boy tells you he loves you and wants to have sex without protection, should
you do it?

8th Grade
Why do some people feel they have to have a boyfriend?
What does the Church say about courtship?
Will you be fine if you don't have sex?
Why do we have to stay virgins until we are married?
Why should you wait to get married to loose your virginity?
How do I tell a guy he is moving too fast?
How do you avoid the temptation of sex?
What do you do if you can’t wait to have sex, feel or touch?
What do you do when a boy says he likes you and you like him but you think he is using you for your body?
What should a girl do if a boy forces her to try and have sex without asking the girl what she even wants when she says no?

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Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04