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Bullet How to Collect Students' Questions

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Do not write your name on this paper.
What grade are you?______ Are you a boy?_____Are you a girl?_______

On ……………….., a nurse, Mrs. O’Connell, will be talking with your parents about Human Sexuality. She is looking for your suggestions on what to discuss with your parents. She wants to know from you how she could help your parents. She would like to help them with ways to help you better understand the physical changes that are occurring for you.

Sometimes parents don’t know where to begin. Some parents find it very difficult to talk about human sexuality with their children. Other parents find it quite easy. Mrs. O’Connell is here to help your parents. Your parents should know what 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders are curious about. The nurse hopes to talk with parents about questions students your age have.

Please help the nurse by answering these questions. Feel free to write additional comments or questions. Your teacher will give Mrs. O’Connell all these papers with your thoughts, ideas, questions and suggestions so she can prepare for the meeting. To help your parents, Mrs. OConnell will type up everything and give your parents a copy.

What would you like the nurse to talk with your parents about?

How could the nurse help your parents so they could talk with you about your questions and concerns?

What do you wish your parents would explain to you?

What would you like the nurse to explain to you when she comes to the parent-child night?

What do kids your age need to know about? You may use the other side of the paper.

Thank You.