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Students’ Unedited Questions and Comments about Oral Sex
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During the 1998 Clinton-Lewinsky media coverage, Nick News Survey ’98 asked students age 8-14 to name a major news story. This is what they learned:

  • 60% named Clinton-Lewinsky as a major news story

  • 66% have talked to someone about the story

  • ONLY 36% have talked to their parents about it

Thanks to the media and school yard discussions, fourth grade children are asking, “What is oral sex?” Although parents may be able to lessen the media’s impact, talking with their children is the most effective way to protect them. The following questions can give parents an idea of what they need to discuss with their children.

6th Grade
What is oral sex?
Is oral sex sex? (#4 most frequently asked question)
Is it all right to have oral sex?

7th Grade
What does oral sex mean?
How do you have oral sex?
Is it bad to get a blow job?
Why do some girls give head?

8th Grade
Is oral sex bad/wrong?
Is it bad to have oral sex?
Can oral sex be an act of Love?

9th Grade
Is oral sex worse than regular sex?
What is sex – are oral and anal sex – sex? (Still asking in 9th grade)
Is oral sex risky sex?
What are the dangers of oral sex?
Can you get pregnant from oral sex? (They REALLY continue to ask this.)
Can you get an STD in your mouth?
Can you get AIDS with oral sex?

11 th Grade
Can you get sexually transmitted diseases from oral sex?
Can you get aids from oral sex?
If you have oral sex are you still a virgin? (Parents MUST address this issue)

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Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04