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Parents who know how to answer the frequently asked questions will be less
uncomfortable, better prepared and more willing to talk with their children.

The following unedited questions were asked by students in response to this statement, "A nurse is coming to speak with your parents. She wants to help them learn about your questions and help your parents answer them. What are your questions? What do kids your age need to know?"

Students do not receive the list of questions. The list is for parents to give them insights into what children are thinking and asking.

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Bullet How to Collect Students' Questions

Directions for collecting and determining the most frequently asked questions plus a helpful form you can give the students. More >>

Bullet Frequently Asked Questions by Grade

Lists 4th through 8th grade questions as well as the questions girls and boys are asking in each grade. More >>

Bullet Frequently Asked Questions by Topic

As children grow older, their questions reflect concern about the same topics but their questions evolve and become more complex. Parents need to be prepared for questions about the following topics.... More >>