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What Kids Want to Know
Students’ Unedited Questions and Comments about God and Sex
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5th Grade Girls
Is sex good or bad?
Why is sex important to Christians?

5th Grade Boys
Is it a sin for a boy to beat up a girl?
Is it a sin to look at a girl’s body?

6th Grade Girls
Is sex bad?
Is what we learn in public school the same as what the church would teach us about human sexuality?
Does God think human sexuality is important? If so why?
What do Catholics think about human sexuality?
How about the church not liking divorce?
Why does the church have such a strong opinion about abortion?
Why is the church so big on abortion?
I think the church should be pro-abortion otherwise it can lead to unwanted children and over population.
How come in the church the priests are not allowed to get married and have kids?
What does the church feel about gay and lesbian?
Does the church find being bisexual wrong?

6th Grade Boys
What does the Church expect of me?
Is masturbation a sin?
Why is masturbation wrong?
Do Catholics believe having sex when not married is against the Catholics’ beliefs?
Does the bible really state, “You can’t have sex before you’re married (Don’t worry, I haven’t, just wondering)?
When having sex is wearing a condom against the catholic religion?
Can you live with someone before you get married?
What does the church feel about gay and lesbian?
Why is homosexual activity considered a sin?

7th Grade Girls
What does the church have to tell me about this subject?
What happens if you don’t follow these?
I think the church wants us to be true to our selves and to respect God. Also just to make the right choice and not to sin.
Are jeans/shorts proper to wear to Church?
Is it appropriate to wear clothing that shows bare backs, wear bootie shorts or any kind of clothing of that kind to church?
How old does the church think you should be to get married?
Can you live with someone before you get married?
How does the church feel about birth control?

7th Grade Boys
I heard masturbation is normal. Why does the church say it is wrong?
Light porn isn’t wrong. Is it?
Why does the church teach that you have to be married to have a kid?
Why is the church against abortion?

8th Grade Boys
Is masturbation wrong?
Is masturbating a sin?
Why is using a condom wrong?
Is it stupid if I stay a virgin until I get married? If so why? If not, why?
Is oral sex wrong in the eyes of the Catholic Church?
Being attracted to the same sex – is it a sin?
Is it wrong to be a peeping tom?
Is reading pornography a sin?

8th Grade Girls
What age does the church think it is OK to date?
What does the Church say about courtship?
How do you avoid the temptation of sex?
How does the church feel about dating-appropriate age, etc?
If you loose a baby during your pregnancy is it considered a sin? I know that abortion is wrong but is loosing a baby due to an accident or health wrong?
In the bible does it state that getting a tattoo is a sin?
What does the Catholic Church think about a teenager going out with someone that is way much older that he or she?

High School Students
What are God’s feelings about sexuality?
Is sex good or bad?
Did God give us the gift of sex for other than reproduction?
Is masturbation a sin?
What does the Church think about masturbation and porno?
What does the Church have against porno?
What does the Church say is the proper age for marriage and dating.
How tolerable is sex before marriage in the eyes of the Church?
I want to know the Church’s exact standpoint on the issue of sex out of marriage. If I understand correctly, then the Church says intercourse is for married couples only. But if it is an act of true love outside of marriage is it totally wrong?
Are gays and lesbians allowed into heaven?
Why do you say that people of the same sex cannot love each other and make a commitment. even though it happens? God copes with that.
How does the church feel about sex changes?
How do you avoid the temptation of sex?
What are you to do when you have feelings about sex and you want to try it?
What are some ways that you can avoid being sexually active with others?
What are some places to get help about sex and avoiding it?

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Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04