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Students’ Unedited Questions and Comments About Abstinence

Younger and younger students have questions they wish their parents would answer. “Pope John Paul II's approach toward a theology of the body is the best material we as a church can offer our youth. Present our message, the Church's teaching, about the sacredness of the body and of human relationships (Fr. Charlie Piatt).”

4th Grade Girls
How can us girls be better?
Why do boys like to have sex?
Why do men sometimes try to make girls or women have sex?

4th Grade Boys
When should we have sex?
How old do you have to be to have sex?
Why are you supposed to have sex after being married?
Do we have to have sex?
What if a girl comes up to you and she asked you do you want to have sex, what do you say at your young age?

5th Grade Girls
NOTE – The girls are now asking the most questions about their changing bodies.
I would like to know if sexual reactions are good for us. If it isn’t why do people do it anyway?

5th Grade Boys
Sex - When is it all right, when is it not?
Difference between right and wrong
I want to know about why they have sex? They need to stop don’t they?
You should know that you can wait till you are married t have sex.
You should wait for sex.
I want to know why some people have sex before they get married?
I want to know why some teenagers want to have sex now?
I want to know why some young people like age 10-12 prefer to have sex?
Could they stop?

6th Grade Girls
When should a female and a male have sex? At what age?
At what age can you start having sex and why?
Why shouldn’t boys touch girls and why can’t you touch a girl period?
How de we control boys trying to have sex with any girl?
How do we keep safe from sex until the time is right?
If you really like a boy and that boy wants to have relation with you should or should you not?

6th Grade Boys
When should we have sex?
Why do we have to be married to have sex?
What age is your body ready for sexual intercourse?
A sixth grader should know not to have sex or even harass people or rape them.
As a 6th grader we should know the difference between sex and making love.

7th Grade Girls
What makes having sex at an early age bad?
What are you to do when you like to touch boys and boys touch you?
If a boy tells you he loves you and wants to have sex without protection, should you
do it?
What if you have been going out with a boy for one month and you think you love him and he wants to have sex but you don’t, how can you say no, or have you been going out long enough?

7th Grade Boys
What is wrong with sex for the seventh grade?
How old should a girl/boy be when they have sex?
When would you want your kids to start having sex?
Adults say sex is a beautiful thing. Why don’t they want us to have it than?
What are you to do when you have feelings about sex and you would like to try it?

8th Grade Girls
When do you feel that it is appropriate for people to have sex?
Why should you wait until you are married?
Why should you only have sex when you are married?

8th Grade Boys
How are good people supposed to control their sexual drives?
Why do people think we are too young to have sex?
Why do people have sex?
Why do men need pleasure?
Do I have to be married in order to have intercourse/sex?

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Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04