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Bullet Frequently Asked Questions by Grade

Students’ Questions - 7th Grade

My parents didn’t tell me anything but I know it all.
Is masturbation wrong?
Why is masturbating bad?
Why is masturbation wrong?
What is sex exactly? How do you do it?
When do you know you are ready to have sex?
What is wrong with sex for the seventh grade?
What makes having sex at an early age bad?
How do you have sex in a safe way?
What are you to do when you have feelings about sex and you would like to try it?
How can you start a conversation with your parents about sex?


How does it feel when you get your period?
How do you know if you are going to get your period?
Does it happen when your mom started hers?
Is it normal if you get your period before an older sister?
If a girl is on her period does she have to wait a week later to have sex?
Is it normal for your stomach to hurt constantly when you have your period?
Is it normal for your breasts to hurt sometimes?
Can I make a baby soon?
If she has sex during her period can she get pregnant?
Can you still get pregnant if you use a condom?
Does is matter what type of condom you use?
What is the best type of condom?
What's the difference in condom sizes?
How do diseases pass between two individuals through sexual actions?
Girls have their period, what do boys get?
How do boys have wet dreams and erections?
Why shouldn’t I have sex at 13?
What does the Church expect of me?
Can you live with someone before you get married?
Why do people turn gay or turn to a lesbian?
What does the church feel about gay and lesbian?
Why is homosexual activity considered a sin?


How long does puberty usually last?
At what age do boys start getting pubic hair on their genitals?
What age do you grown hair on your body?
I heard masturbation is normal. Why does the church say it is wrong?
Light porn isn’t wrong. Is it?
Why does the church teach that you have to be married to have a kid?
Would a slow sex song with a boy and a girl make them lose their virginity?
What is oral sex?
What is a condom?
Do girls have puberty 3 years before boys?
How does abortion take place?
Why is the church against abortion?

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04