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Bullet Frequently Asked Questions by Grade

Students’ Questions - 6th Grade

How come moms are so hard to talk to about sex?
What is puberty and when does it start?
Why does sex have to be an ugly thing?
Why do men fall in love with men?
What makes people homosexuals?
Is it OK to have sex when you are under 16?
Is what’s on TV about sex real?


What age does puberty start?
Why do girls get their periods?
Where do the girls’ periods come from?
How do you know when you have your period? Ex. Like if you are in school and you are in a class. What do you do?
What happens when you get your period? Does it hurt?
When a mom started their period do the kids start theirs?
Does it hurt when you get your period?
How do girl’s breast grow?
How long after your breast starts to form do they stop hurting?
What does god think about human sexuality?
Why is the church so big on abortion?
How old should you be to have sex and get married?
Why do people have sex?
How far should a girl go?
Should a girl ever have sex is she doesn’t want to?
If you haven’t experienced puberty and you have sex will you get a baby?
What is the correct way to wash your vagina?
How do men and women get sexually transmitted diseases?
How do you get AIDS from sex?
How does the condom work?
Is there such a thing as a condom for women?
What do birth control pills do?
How do some people become homosexual?
Why are some women gay?
Does the church find being bisexual wrong?
Why are some women gay?
Why are some people gay meaning why do people date the same sex?
What is sperm?
Why is it important to boys to have sex?


What is sperm?
Why is hair on my penis?
Can sex be a good or bad thing?
Do you have to have sex?
When should you have sex?
What age is your body ready for sexual intercourse?
How old do you have to be to have sex?
Why do we have to be married to have sex?
Do all condoms work?
What does H.I.V. have to do with sex?
Does the bible really state, “You can’t have sex before you’re married (Don’t worry, I haven’t, just wondering)?
Is having sex and wearing a condom against the catholic religion?
What if a girl comes up to you and she asked you do you want to have sex, what do you say at your young age?

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04