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Bullet Frequently Asked Questions by Grade

Students’ Questions - 5th Grade

What changes might happen to me?
What’s bad about human sexuality?
What is the bad part of sex?
Why do people do sexy doings to kids?
Why do people have sex and how do you do it?
How many times do you have to have sex to make a baby?
What is HIV and how do you get it?


Is a period normal?
Why and when do girls get periods and does it hurt?
Does it hurt to get your period?
At what age do you get your period?
How did you know when your period comes?
What happens when you get your period?
What do you do if you have your period at school?
Why do males have different body parts than females do?
Do you have to have sex?
Why do people like to have sex?
Why should people have sex?
Can a condom stop you from having a baby?
How do people get AIDS by having a child?


Why is my private growing?
How come my penis is too small and I’m 10?
Why do boys private parts stick out?
Why do men only have sperm?
Why are boys and girls different?
Why are boys stronger than girls?
Why do girls have their periods?
Why does it hurt when girls get their periods?
Can my mom bleed to death when she has her period? (Someone forgot to flush)
Why can’t men have babies?
Is it a sin to look at a girl’s body?
Why should people have sex?
Why do people like to have sex?
Am I too young to get a girl pregnant?

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04