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Bullet Frequently Asked Questions by Grade

Students’ Questions - 4th Grade

What is sex?
Is sex a good thing or a bad thing?
Why do some people do it?
What age do you have to be to have sex?
How do we grow? I know our age helps us grow but I need more.
How are babies made?
Why do people say gay?
Why are condoms different colors?
Is hugging a bad touch?
What should I do when someone touches me in a bad way?


What is sex for?
What is a period?
Can you have a baby before your period?
How old should you be when you grow breasts?
Why do girls have babies? Why can’t boys?
What is the white stuff in your private parts?
How do gay people get gay? Did they get brain damaged or something?
I know there are two kinds of sex. Are there any more?


Do we have to talk about sex?
Why do people have sex?
What is inappropriate?
Something I know about sex is that when people go on dates after about the fifth date they do it.
How does puberty affect boys?
Where does sperm go when you don’t need it?
Why are girls different then boys?
Do I need to wear a condom when I grow up and have sex?

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04