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More teens are breaking bones from sport injuries. Now we know why. Bone is made mostly from calcium and almost half of all adult bone is built during teen years. This is when 90 percent of girls and almost 70 percent of boys do not get enough calcium. Don't let this happen to you. Start early to re-think your drink.

From 4-8 years of age your bones and teeth need 800mg of calcium each day. Three servings of milk (300 milligrams each serving) gives you more than enough. As you get older your body needs to build more bone. You need at least four daily servings from the Milk Group. This gives your body almost all of the 1,300 milligrams of calcium it needs each day. How is your bone health?

Are your bones getting enough calcium???

Figure it out (300 milligrams each serving).
•  1 serving - 8 ounces of milk or yogurt, 1 ½ ounces cheddar, Swiss, or mozzarella cheese; 2 ounces of process American cheese
•  ½ serving - ½ cup yogurt; ½ cup frozen yogurt or ice cream
•  TIP : 1 ½ ounces of cheddar cheese is the size of six dice; 2 ounces of process cheese equals the size of eight dice.
•  If you think you are lactose intolerant and cannot take milk, speak to your health provider to learn about supplements.

A Dozen Cool Ways To Build Healthy BONES from the National Dairy Council

1. Get moving in the morning with a low fat shake: a cup of skim milk and a handful of frozen fruit or a banana swirled in a blender. Great after school too.

2. Dump the donuts or toaster pastries, and have cereal with milk for breakfast.

3. For lunch, choose a carton of milk instead of soda - try chocolate milk for a change!

4. For a pre-practice pick up, team milk with a granola bar or fruit to boost protein.

5. Try vanilla steamed milk sprinkled with cocoa or cinnamon at a coffeehouse.

6. Make your own macaroni and cheese with milk.

7. Wash down a fast-food burger or pizza with milk.

8. Stop at a convenience store or supermarket for milk in fun flavors.

9. At the store, get "shelf-stable" small boxes of flavored milk to toss in your backpack.

10. Order milk - a cool thing to do - at a restaurant.

11. Zap a mug of milk and chocolate syrup in the microwave for hot cocoa.

12. For dessert, whip up instant pudding made with milk.

Learn more about nutrition and calcium at... with fun information for teens for hands on activities for kids and moms for a kidzone section with fun hands on nutrition activities for parents and kids.

This is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnoses or treatment, please consult your health care provider.

Mary Lee O'Connell, CRNP